Reinforced Machine Casing
Grid Reinforced Machine Casing
Type Block
Physics No
Transparency No
Source Mod GregTech
Reinforced Machine Casing is a block present in GregTech.

The Reinforced Machine Casing is one of three Machine Casings provided by GregTech. The Reinforced Machine Casing is the second tier of the Machine Casings provided by Gregtech. The first tier (lowest tier) of the Machine Casings is the Standard Machine Casing and the third tier (highest tier) is the Advanced Machine Casing.


Reinforced machine casings are mainly used in more advanced multi-block structures such as Industrial Blast FurnaceIndustrial Grinder, Vacuum Freezer, and the Implosion Compressor.


Crafting GUI.png

Steel Plate

Advanced Circuit

Steel Plate

Steel Plate

Advanced Machine Block

Steel Plate

Steel Plate

Advanced Circuit

Steel Plate

Reinforced Machine Casing


NB.This recipe has several variations, which can be mixed and matched. The alternative crafting methods are described below:

Standard Item Alternative Item (Image)
Advanced Circuit Pulsating Chipset, Diamond AND Gate, Diamond OR Gate, Autarchic Gold OR Gate Work-in-progress-md
Advanced Machine Block Steel Machine Hull, Titanium Machine Hull Work-in-progress-md

Below is the list of materials required to build 34 casings for the industrial furnace (produces 36)

54 Steel Plates
54 Refined Iron
108 Coal Dust
9 Advanced Machine Blocks
18 Carbon Fibre
144 Coal Dust
18 Advanced Alloy
18 Refined Iron
18 Bronze
54 (27 with Alloy Smelter) Copper
18 (9 with Alloy Smelter) Tin
9 Machine Blocks
72 Refined Iron
18 Advanced Circuits
36 Glowstone
36 Lapus Lazuli
72 Redstone
18 Circuits
18 Refined Iron
36 Redstone
108 Copper Wire
108 Rubber
54 Copper

In total:

252 Coal Dust

162 Refined Iron

108 Redstone

108 Rubber

81 Copper

36 Glowstone

36 Lapus Lazuli

27 Tin

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