2013-02-17 22.22.02

A cluster of large and small rainbow oak trees planted in the Overworld

Rainbow oak trees are trees generated by the Twilight Forest mod. They naturally spawn in small numbers only in the Enchanted Forest biome of the Twilight Forest world, and are renowned for their multicolored leaves.


The trees appear to grow in exactly the same forms as vanilla Oak trees: usually small and regular but sometimes large and branched. The trunk is made of Twilight Oak logs, while the foliage is made of Rainbow Oak Leaves. When broken, the leaves will sometimes drop a Rainbow Oak Sapling, although the drop rate appears to be lower than for regular oak leaves. When broken with shears or a similar tool, the leaves drop as Rainbow Oak Leaves.


The leaves of the rainbow oak are its most distinguishing feature, taking on many different colors that blend smoothly. The specific color of a leaf block is not a property of the block, but the coordinates. Therefore, similarly to vanilla leaves, harvested rainbow oak leaves do not carry any color information but take on the color corresponding to whatever location they are placed in. The colors of coordinates change smoothly over space and can be of widely varying darkness and saturation.

Unlike vanilla leaves, player-placed rainbow oak leaves will decay in the same manner as spawned ones, so logs must be placed nearby to make permanent structures from the leaves. The decay however does not appear to start as long as groups of leaf blocks and their neighbors are left undisturbed after being placed.

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