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Grid RE-Battery
Type Item
Storage 10,000 EU
Stackable Only when empty
Data Value 30239(empty) 30242:1(full)
Modpacks Included Ultimate, Lite, Tech World, MindCrack, Direwolf20, YogCraft
Source Mod Industrial Craft
The RE-Battery is a small energy storage item that can hold up to 10,000 EU.  It can be placed directly into most machines to power them.  It is charged by placing it into most generators or any energy storage unit.  It is also a component in many tools and machines. If a full RE-Battery is used to craft a tool, the resulting tool will have a full charge to it.

By holding onto a charged RE-Battery and right clicking you can charge all powered items in your item bar.

Recipe Edit

This receipe only works if GregTech is installed.

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