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Quantum Tank
Name Quantum Tank
Type Block
Storage 2 billion millibuckets of any of the same liquid
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 702:30
Source Mod GregTech

The Quantum Tank is a high-capacity tank made using the Quantum Chest that operates on the same principle as the Chest, but with liquids instead of items. The Quantum Tank can store 2 billion millibuckets of any given liquid, but, as with a Barrel, it can only store one type of liquid. As with other machines, if a Can or Capsule with liquid in it is inserted, the Can or Capsule will be destroyed. Liquids can be extracted either by putting a Bucket, Can or Capsule in the input slot and receiving a filled Bucket, Can or Capsule in the output slot or extracted automatically using Waterproof Pipes from Buildcraft.


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