Quad Uranium Cell
Grid Quad Uranium Cell
Name Quad Uranium Cell
Type Cell
Stackable No
Modpacks Included FTB Ultimate, Mindcrack, FTB Direwolf20
Source Mod IndustrialCraft2

Quad Uranium Cells are used in Nuclear Reactors to generate EU. They generate almost same the amount of energy, neutron pulses, and heat as four single uranium cells arranged in a quadrant, but occupy a quarter of the space. This provides for more space for cooling and other components inside the reactor. They were introduced in IC2 1.106.


Crafting GUI.png

Dense Copper Plate

Dual Uranium Cell

Dense Copper Plate

Dual Uranium Cell

Dense Copper Plate

Quad Uranium Cell


These cells produce (alone) 60 EU/t, and 96 Heat/t. It also sends 4 Neutron Pulses to each adjacent component. They otherwise function like a normal Uranium Cell. Each cell has a life of 4000s.

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