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Pulverized Ferrous metal





Source mod

Thermal Expansion

Pulverized Ferrous Metal (also appears as Pulverized Ferrous Dust) is a dust added by the Thermal Expansion mod and is used in creating Ferrous Ingots and Invar Ingots.


Pulverized Ferrous Dust is made one of three ways; pulverizing Iron Ore (10% chance); pulverizing Ferrous Ore (Produces 2 dust) or by pulverizing Ferrous ingots.


Pulverized Ferrous Metal only has 2 uses currently. Smelting 1 will produce 1 Ferrous Ingot while smelting 1 in an Induction Smelter with 2 Iron dust produces 3 Invar Blend.

(Note: with GregTech, smelting Ferrous Ore, Ferrous Dust or Pulverized Ferrous metal gives you a Nickel Ingot, usable in GregTech machine recipes. All 4 combinations of (2 Iron Dust or Pulverized Iron) with (1 Nickel Dust or Pulverized Ferrous Metal) still give you Invar Dust.)

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