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The Printer is a device in ComputerCraft that allows printing of paper using ink (dye) and paper.

To use the printer you must place it on one of the 6 sides of the Computer (top, bottom, left, right, front, and back) and then turn on the computer. Place any colour of ink in the single left slot and paper in any of the top slots.

You can print without writing a code by going into the create/edit function by typing "edit <name>". 


edit potato

Then you would type what you want to print, hit CTRL button and navigate to PRINT and hit ENTER. The printer will prompt you if there is no ink or paper in the printer.

I repeat, You need an Ink Sac and a Paper. Place the ink in the side slot of 

Computer Craft Tutorial How To Make A Working Printer03:22

Computer Craft Tutorial How To Make A Working Printer

the GUI, and the Paper in the top slot of the GUI. It works for anyone who reads these instructions.      

2013-05-16 20.37.05

How to use the Printer from ComputerCraft



7. Stone

1. Redstone Dust

1. Ink Sac

Crafting GUI.png





Redstone Dust

Ink Sac




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