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Power Armor Tutorial - Feed The Beast10:32

Power Armor Tutorial - Feed The Beast

The Power Armor Tinker Table is a block that when placed can be used to add modifications to Power Armor. When you right click it, all available power armor pieces in your inventory or currently equipped will be shown and be available to customize.

Each individual piece will be shown to the left, where you will be able to select them and see all of the modifications that are available for that piece, as well as what parts you will need to be able to install them. Certain upgrades, such as Energy, Armor, and Cosmetic, are available on all pieces, and must be built and installed on each piece separately. Each piece of the suit also has at least a couple of modifications that are specific to that piece.

Be forewarned that certain upgrades add weight to the suit, and too much weight* will cause the wearer to move slowly. Also, almost all of the abilities that can be added to the suit require the use of energy. Energy, in the form of Joules (J) can be obtained through IC2's EU (Batbox, MFE, MFSU, etc..) or can be obtained through internal armor charging (kinetic leggings and solar generator). This basically means that the first module that should be installed on each piece should be a Battery mod, which will store a certain amount of energy in each piece of armor. Each piece of armor that is worn and has a Battery mod added to it will add to your total energy, which all of the abilities will draw from as they are used.

  • The whole suit (Including the Power Tool) will not be affected by weight up to 25 Kg. Over 25 Kg of total weight will slow the wearer. This can be countered using Sprint Assist on the Power Armor Legs


Crafting GUI.png


Electronic Circuit

Machine Block

Power Armor Tinker Table

With Gregtech:

Crafting GUI.png

Electrum Ingot


Machine Frame

Redstone Transmission Coil

Electrum Ingot

Power Armor Tinker Table

List of Modulations by PieceEdit

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