The Power Armor is a set of five pieces from Modular Powersuits that can be modified with a variety of modules to enhance the wearer's attack, defense, movement, and vision capabilities. While it is possible to wear and use each piece separately, the full capabilities of the suit can only really be used when all pieces are worn/used.

The Power Armor uses EU as power, but currently the ratio is off. You can charge Power Armor and the Power Tool using IndustrialCraft 2 power, but 10 Powersuit EU equates to 1 IC2 EU. When a battery is installed on the armor, it is charged to the lowest full charge, as it begins there. One easy form of power generation for the suit directly is to modify the Kinetic Generator to weigh 4Kg and put out max power, then use the sprint boost modification to generate additional power.

When given the right modifications, the suit is also able to be changed cosmetically, allowing you to change the colors of each individual piece to create your own custom look.

The suit consists of 4 armor pieces (Head, Torso, Legs, and Feet), as well as an item called the Power Tool, a mechanical, hand-like device that can also be modified to add weapons, tools, and several other abilities.

Enchanted power armour loses its enchantments when equipped, however the tool does not. The tool cannot be enchanted using enchanted books.


All five pieces of the set can be made at a Normal Crafting Table with Iron and Wiring. However, to modify the suit you require a Power Armor Tinker Table.

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