The Potato Gun is a Portal Gun similar to the Bacon Gun . It shoots two custom coloured portals that can be configured in the Portal Gun Mod settings file. The potato portal gun is for SMP, and is your private portal gun that isn't shared with other people's portal guns (unlike the normal version, Atlas, or P-Body).

The Potato Gun can occasionally be found in Dungeon chests.

The Potato Gun may occasionly speak to you once certain events happen. For example, if you take fall damage, the Potato Gun has a chance of slowly clapping. Upon taking fall damage for the first time with The Potato Gun equipped, it says "Oh good, my slow clap generator made it in this thing." All times you take fall damage afterwards with the Potato Gun equipped, it will clap slowly and say "Good, that's still working."  Other lines may be played, such as "AH!  It's a bird!  Kill it, kill it!" when you approach a chicken with the gun equipped, or "Oh no."  when a creeper is about to explode in front of the player.

The Potato Gun is from Portal 2, in which GlaDOS, the supercomputer that controls Aperture Science, is placed into a potato battery.  Later, she becomes equipped onto the player's portal gun and will speak while the player is testing. The lines spoken by the Potato Gun are the lines spoken by GlaDOS in this section of the game, such as the birds line being spoken when you spot a crow in the facility.


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Bacon Portal Gun

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Feed The Beast Tutorials - Alternate Portal Guns

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Feed The Beast Tutorials - Portal Config File

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