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Portal Spawner
Grid Portal Spawner
Name Portal Spawner
Data Value 13459
Source Mod Portal Gun Mod

A Portal Spawner is an item in Portal Gun Mod, which allows you to place gateways like the ones created with the Portal Gun. When placed on a vertical surface and right-clicked, a GUI will pop up asking to set the color, and whether the portal stays open if redstone power is cut. The spawner can be safely removed with any tool and re-placed at your discretion.

The spawner does not instantly create a portal when placed. Instead, you will only see two vertical lines, which will be light blue regardless of the colour you choose in the GUI. To activate the actual portal, you will need to "ignite" the spawner with a redstone signal. If you place a lever on the floor where the spawner is it will duplicate the lever.


Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot


Iron Ingot

Miniature Black Hole

Iron Ingot


Iron Ingot

Portal Spawner



Portal Spawner GUI

Video Tutorial Edit

Feed The Beast Tutorials - Portal Spawner02:39

Feed The Beast Tutorials - Portal Spawner



FTB Auscraft 12 Portal spawner elevator17:52

FTB Auscraft 12 Portal spawner elevator

 A simple way to use the portal spawner as an elevator or a permanent transport hub

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