Portal Gun Pedestal
Grid Portal Gun Pedestal
Name Portal Gun Pedestal
Type Block
Stackable Yes
Source Mod Portal Gun Mod

The Portal Gun Pedestal is a pedestal from the game Portal which can be used to rest spare Portal Guns or to place Portal Guns which should not be used (i.e. Portal Guns which are used to link specific locations, Portal Guns which are off-limits for whatever reason, etc.) It can also be used for aesthetic purposes or for the creation of test chambers in Minecraft that utilize the Portal Gun Mod to emulate the game Portal.

When powered by redstone, the Pedestal will rotate. If any Portal Gun is mounted on a rotating pedestal, the rotation will pause at each cardinal direction, and the Portal Gun will fire a portal (as seen in Test Chambers 2 and 11 in the original Portal game). The light on top of the Portal Gun indicates which color the Pedestal will fire - it will be the same color as the last portal that was fired from the gun by a player.


When you shoot the Pedestal with a Wand Of Fire you'll get multiple Pedestals back.


Crafting GUI.png






Portal Gun Pedestal

Video Tutorial Edit

Feed The Beast Tutorials - Portal Gun Pedestal02:47

Feed The Beast Tutorials - Portal Gun Pedestal

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