Pneumatic Tube
Pneumatic Tube
Name Pneumatic Tube
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 751:2048
Source Mod RedPower 2

The Pneumatic Tube is RedPower 2's method of transferring items from one point to another. Items move considerably faster through Pneumatic Tubes than through Buildcraft 3 Pipes (that is, pipes that do not have Golden Transport Pipes at intervals to speed up items) and do not require pipes at intervals to maintain item speed. By and large, Pneumatic Tubes function in the same way as Buildcraft Pipes. However, there are not more than one kind of Pneumatic Tube in RedPower as there are different types of pipes in Buildcraft. Functions such as sorting, item "gates" and so forth are performed by different RedPower machines. Also, Pneumatic Tubes cannot interact with some of BuildCraft's blocks and machines such as the Autocrafting Table or do not work well with them.

Instead of using Wooden Transport Pipes to move items out of a Chest or other inventory, RedPower utilizes Filters and Transposers to move items. Transposers will pull items from an adjacent inventory (such as a chest) one at a time.  Filters are basically upgraded Transposers - instead of pulling items one at a time, they can pull a whole stack.  They also have the additional benefits of only pulling/accepting specific items (which can be set in their ui) and being able to assign a color to an item or group of items (Pneumatic Tubes can be painted so that they only accept items with specific colors assigned).

If enough resources are available, Pneumatic Tubes can be replaced by Magtubes for faster item transport, although even Pneumatic Tubes are considerably faster than Buildcraft Pipes.


This video demonstrates how to use the pneumatic tube with the sorting machine to distribute your items evenly. 
How To Use The Sorting Machine (Red Power 2 ) Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep08:30

How To Use The Sorting Machine (Red Power 2 ) Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep. 8 (DuhWynning)-0

Video made by DuhWynning

The following video demonstrates some of the uses for pneumatic tubes, and the differences between Pneumatic Tubes and Buildcraft Pipes.

Redpower Pneumatic Tubes vs Buildcraft Pipes - 2026:15

Redpower Pneumatic Tubes vs Buildcraft Pipes - 20


Crafting GUI.png

Brass Ingot


Brass Ingot

Pneumatic Tube


Notable UsesEdit

Pneumatic Tubes can transfer a redstone current when they are crafted into Redstone Tubes.

Crafting GUI.png

Pneumatic Tube

Redstone Dust

Redstone Tube

Where as a Pneumatic Tube normally selects the closest valid inventory to store items in, a Restriction Tube allows you to modify that behavior.

Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot

Pneumatic Tube

Restriction Tube

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