Plutonium Cell
Grid Plutonium Cell
Name Plutonium Cell
Type Cell
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 21307
Source Mod GregTech

Plutonium cells are one of the cell types found in GregTech.


Plutonium cells are a by-product of processing 16 piles of Uranium Dust in an Industrial Centrifuge. One of the products is a single plutonium cell.

While plutonium cells can also be produced by adding a piece of UU-Matter to Uranium Cell, it's not recommended as the amount of energy required to produce UU-matter far outweighs the EU produced by plutonium cell.


Plutonium cell is used in Nuclear Reactors to produce energy. Without proper cooling it will cause the reactor to go into a meltdown stage where it explodes, leaving a huge crater for you to fill in assuming you survive.

Plutonium Cells produce twice as much energy and heat as Uranium cells (making it 10 EU/heat per tick, 20 EU 30heat if next to 1 other Plutonium Cell, 30 EU/ 60heat if next to 2 other Plutonium Cells, etc.) and they last twice as long. (This behaviour can be customized inside the config files) This results power generation of 8-40 million EU per cycle (5 hours and 34 minutes real time).

As plutonium cells generate a lot of heat, managing reactors containing plutonium is a bit tricky as it's harder to maximise the energy potential of each cell while trying to keep the reactor running for as long as possible.


GUI IndustrialCentrifuge.png
Empty Cell
Uranium Dust
Uranium Cell
Thorium Cell
Tungsten Dust

Plutonium Cell

2,500 secs


Dual Plutonium Cell

Crafting GUI.png

Plutonium Cell

Dense Copper Plate

Plutonium Cell

Dual Plutonium Cell

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