Platinum Dust
Grid Platinum Dust
Type Dust
Stackable Yes
Source Mod GregTech

Platinum dust is one of the metal dusts that are used in GregTech.


Platinum Dust can be obtained from various sources. One good source is Sheldonite Ore found in The End.   Using an Industrial Grinder gives 2 Platinum Dust per ore using water.  This amount can be increased to 3 Platinum Dust per ore when using Mercury Cells.  Putting Iridium Ore into an Industrial Grinder results of 2 Tiny Piles of Platinum Dust with water or a full pile of Platinum Dust with a Mercury Cell. Ferrous Ore in the Industrial Grinder with Mercury Cell will also give one Platinum Dust.

Many rare dusts obtained from centrifuging such as: Green Sapphire Dust, Olivine Dust and Red Garnet Dust, also produce platinum dust when centrifuged further. (Depends What Pack)

Fusion Reactor can produce platinum when combining Wolframium Cells and Beryllium Cells in a reactor which consumes a lot of energy.


Platinum Dust is mainly smelted into Platinum Ingots which are used in some of the high-end items.

With GregTech, using a Industrial Centrifuge one Platinum Dust can be converted into one Iridium Nugget and one Tiny Pile of Nickel Dust.