The Plate Bending Machine is a way to create plates. Multiple types of plates can be created, including refined iron, bronze, and tin, the primary components for mixed metal ingots. Advanced alloy plates are formed from mixed metal ingots. Forming the individual plates and crafting the mixed metal ingots for compression is a higher yield process.

The Plate Bending Machine can take 32EU/t.

The machine doesn't accept power, item input or item output from the front side.

The machine is removed using the wrench or the electrical wrench. Breaking it with a pickaxe or any other method yields machine parts and it will explode as well.

Using a wrench and shift clicking will change its output side, provided it is not the front face.

This machine can not be placed in The Twilight.


Crafting GUI.png




Electronic Circuit

Conveyor Module

Electronic Circuit




Plate Bending Machine

Recipe Ingredients



The interface of the Plate Bending Machine

There are 3 interesting buttons at the bottom left of the interface.

The blue "lightning" icon will make the plate bending machine transfer power to other machine next to it from its output side.

The orange/black "conveyor" button will tell the machine if it should drop finished product into a inventory of a machine or chest next to its output slot.

The out-toned "Input" button will tell the machine if it should accept one or two different types of input.  For instance, if you wanted it to put iron in both slots or put iron in one and gold in other etc. and then bend those.
GregTech Block Spotlight Episode 2 Plate Bending Machine24:22

GregTech Block Spotlight Episode 2 Plate Bending Machine


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