Grid Pipette
Name Pipette
Type Tool
Stackable No
Data Value 13399
Source Mod Forestry

The pipette can be used to take liquid out of the internal tanks of Biogas Engines and Forestry machines.


1. Wool

2. Glass Pane

Crafting GUI.png

Glass Pane

Glass Pane




To use the pipette, open the machines interface

A pipette being used on the internal storage tank of a biogas engine.

and from your inventory left click and pick up the pipette. Next move your cursor over the tank you want to collect from and left click again.

The same method can be used to deposit the stored liquid.

This will also let you remove the last less than one bucket's worth of fluid from a machine without losing it.

The pipette will pick up one buckets worth of liquid. And can also pick up lava. It cannot be used on Combustion Engines.

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