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Pickaxe of the Core
Pickaxe of the Core
Pickaxe of the Core
Name Pickaxe of the Core
Type Tool
Stackable No
Source Mod Thaumcraft 3

The Pickaxe of the Core is an enchantable high-tier tool added by the Thaumcraft Mod. It has a unique function of being able to 'prospect' a block for its Aspect content. It also has the ability to find Native Chunks from ores.

Pickaxe of the Core


This pickaxe is crafted in the Infusion Altar, requiring a Thaumium Pickaxe and a Wand of Fire. It costs 100 Vis , as well as 8 Metallum , 8 Visum , 16 Instrumentum and 16 Ignis .


Mines at the same speed as an unenchanted Diamond Pickaxe.

Tin, copper, iron, silver, gold and lead are the only ores which can be mined for a 33% chance to obtain a Native Ore Cluster. Enchanting it with Fortune increases the chance to 75%. These ore clusters can be smelted to yield two ingots instead of one. When using a modpack which includes either IC2, Thermal Expansion

or Tinkers' Construct , you can use a Macerator , Pulverizer or Smeltery to yield double the ingots per ore anyway, rendering this feature useless and a waste of inventory space. 

Holding shift while mining suspends the special properties, makes it function like a normal pickaxe.

Right clicking with the pickaxe in your hand allow you to analyze a 3 x 3 x 8 block area, which will show the highest Aspect found in that area.

Mobs get lit on fire when you hit them with the pickaxe.


  • The Pickaxe of the Core can be repaired with an Anvil at the cost of 1 Thaumium Ingot per 25% reparation. Some levels will also be used in the process. See this page for some more information on item reparation.
  • Native Ore Clusters can be obtained by mining blocks that have been placed by the Player. This makes it possible to receive 2 Ingots from every ore that is mined without the use of any other mods.


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