Petroleum Generator
Grid Petroleum Generator
Type Machine
Stackable Yes (64)
Modpacks Included Ultimate, Tech World, MindCrack
Source Mod Petrogen
The Petroleum Generator is an item added by the Petrogen mod for minecraft 1.4.7, which allows the generation of EU using Buildcraft Fuel or Oil.  It can also use TrainCraft Oil Sand and Crude Oil Ore in a production chain to produce energy. Oil and Fuel can either be placed inside using buckets or can be piped in directly using Buildcraft Pipes. 

A bucket of oil will produce 30,000 EU at 10EU/t A bucket of fuel will produce 300,000 EU at 25EU/t


Crafting GUI.png

Water Cell

Water Cell



Flint and Steel

Water Cell

Water Cell

Petroleum Generator

Fuel setup full

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