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Peat Bog
Peat Bog
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 942:4
Source Mod Forestry

A Peat Bog will maintain an area of 15x6x15 (X-Y-Z) with a 9x9 hollow center centered on the Peat Bog. It requires Bog Earth for operation and produces dirt as waste. Dirt is automatically ejected into attached buildcraft pipes or into adjacent chests. It needs to be powered by a Buildcraft engine.

Turbary can be used to harvest the peat.

One peat bog produces enough peat to power 10 peat-fired engines.


4. Glass

3. Copper Electron Tube

1. Sturdy Machine

1. Basic Circuit Board

Crafting GUI.png


Copper Electron Tube


Copper Electron Tube

Sturdy Machine

Basic Circuit Board


Copper Electron Tube


Peat Bog


How to Feed the Beast in Minecraft - Peat Bog - 306:33

How to Feed the Beast in Minecraft - Peat Bog - 3

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