Overclocked Heat Vent
Grid Overclocked Heat Vent
Name Overclocked Heat Vent
Type Reactor Component
Source Mod Industrial Craft 2

Overclocked Heat Vent is an upgraded reactor heat vent. This heat vent will transfer 36 heat from the reactor core, but only dissipate 20 units of heat itself. As a result, an overclocked heat vent running at full capacity will eventually destroy itself if not cooled by component heat vents or heat exchangers capable of dissipating the excess 16 units of heat. A simple way to provide this cooling is to surround an overclocked heat vent with four component heat vents, each of which dissipate 4 heat. This heat vent does not provide any cooling to neighboring components or fuel cells.


Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot

Reactor Heat Vent

Gold Ingot

Overclocked Heat Vent

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