Oracle Turret
Oracle Turreta
Source Mod Portal Gun Mod

Each time you place a Sentry Turret on the ground it has a chance of instantly becoming an Oracle Turret. The main difference is that when you place a Sentry Turret down that becomes an Oracle Turret, it will emote "I'm different." and be placed facing towards the player, rather than away from the player like the Sentry Turrets do. Oracle turrets are peaceful to everything and will not attack, thus making them worthless at protecting you or the area that they are placed in. When 4 Oracle Turrets are placed in a row they start singing "Turret Wife Serenade" while a target is standing in front of them.


This item cannot be crafted. Instead, each time you place a Sentry Turret, it has a chance of becoming an Oracle Turret when it is placed.

Video TutorialEdit

Feed The Beast Tutorials - Oracle Turret02:05

Feed The Beast Tutorials - Oracle Turret


If the turrets are playing the song, and you burn them a wand of fire or lava, they explode, but the song keeps playing till it ends

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