The OmniWrench is an item added by OmniTools, along with the Forge Lexicon. It acts as a near-universal tool, replacing many mods' specific tools, with the combined functionality of IndustrialCraft 2 and BuildCraft's wrenches, Thermal Expansion's Crescent Hammer, MineFactory Reloaded's Precision Sledgehammer, and RailCraft's Crowbar. It also is useful for rotating certain vanilla blocks, an example being logs. It also does not receive damage nor require power and thus will last forever.

When dealing with IC2 items, it works like the lossless mode on the Electric Wrench. Please note that the OmniWrench does not currently have functionality for replacing the Screwdriver in RedPower.

It is wise to be especially careful when using an OmniWrench on an energy storage block, as it is very easy to lose all the EU in it. You should also drain the block of its energy before use, if possible.


  • When using the OmniWrench on a Personal Safe, it will remove the block along with everything inside. It can also change the direction someone elses safe faces, but can no longer destroy them. 
  • If you right click on Glass Fibre Cable with the OmniWrench, you will destroy the Glass Fibre Cable, and get back Insulated Copper Cable.
  • When Shift+Right Clicking a Pulverizer the machine won't Break, it will just change the direction its facing.


  • For every IC2/Gregtech machine, you must right click on the appropriate face to collect the block, as with a wrench.
  • Whenever any type of Wrench is used to remove a machine on a server, an entry is added to the server.log file detailing the username of the player who used it and the coordinates and blocktype of the block that was removed. This can be particularly useful for placing the blame in the event that a valuable machine is stolen.
  • When using the OmniWrench on a Solar Panel, you must right click on the same face of the block twice, but it cannot be the top face.
  • The OmniWrench cannot reset overheated Magmatic engines, you must use the crescent hammer.
  • When using the Omniwrench on energy storage units, a shift-click will make the machine face away from you.


Note: The wool is required to be Cyan, and you may not use rockwool.

Crafting GUI.png






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