Obsidian Totem
Name Obsidian Totem
Type Block
Physics No
Transparency No
Tool Grid Iron Pickaxe
Renewable No
Stackable 64
Source Mod Thaumcraft 3
2013-02-01 09.26.24

An obsidian Totem near an Aura Node

The Obsidian Totem is found as a randomly generated object in worlds that have Thaumcraft 3. Generally found in deserts, the totems allow you to move already-existing nodes in the world.

A total of 8 Obsidian Totems are needed for the base of a Node moving device

They can be found standing randomly throughout the overworld of varying heights- two blocks to five blocks are commonly spotted. The bottom of these structures is a single Obsidian Tile block.

Obsidian Totem Formation

a randomly generated obsidian totem formation shown with a chest in the middle.

Rarely, a formation made of Obsidian Totems and Obsidian Tiles will be found in the world, with the totems in a squarish formation and a chest in the center providing varying treasures. Directly under this chest may be found either a Pigzombie spawner, or a Wisp spawner- which will always generate hostile wisps of the Mutatio aspect regardless of the flux level of the area.

The Obsidian Totem is completely uncraftable. It is unknown who made these structures, or why they dot the landscape, but frequently an unstable node can be found over the chest

They can also be found naturally generating within the Twilight Forest .