Oblivion Frame
Item Oblivion Frame
Name Oblivion Frame
Type Frame
Stackable No
Durability 60
Data Value 26362
Modpacks Included Feed_The_Beast_Ultimate_Pack
Source Mod Thaumicbees

The Oblivion Frame is a type of frame added by the Thaumicbees mod for use in a Apiary or Alveary. The frame is found in dungeon chests and also in Loot Sacks and cannot be crafted either by conventional or thaumaturgical means. It is quite powerful having 60 uses giving it a decent durability.

A single Oblivion Frame in an Apiary or Alveary reduces the lifespan of the queen residing in the apiary or alveary to a single life cycle ~30 seconds allowing for very rapid bee breeding. However, an Oblivion Frame draws 15 Vis from the air per use and releases (?) aspects into the aura as Flux .

The same effect that an Oblivion Frame gives can be achieved in an Alveary with the use of, at most, six Chocolate Frames at no cost to the local Aura.

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