Nickel Dust
Grid Nickel Dust
Type Dust
Stackable Yes
Source Mod GregTech

Nickel dust is an uncommon dust used to craft Nickel Ingots.


Nickel dust can be obtained by macerating Ferrous Ore. It can also be produced as a by-product when putting some dusts through Industrial Electrolyzer or grinding some ores in Industrial Grinder as tiny piles which have to be crafted into full piles for further use.


Nickel Dust's primary use is in a furnace, where it can be smelted into Nickel Ingots. It can also be combined with Iron Dust to produce Invar Dust.


MachineGUI Background.png
MachineGUI Furnace.png

Nickel Dust


Nickel Ingot

Shapeless crafting:

Crafting GUI.png

Iron Dust

Nickel Dust

Iron Dust

Invar Dust


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