New World Mod Pack

New World Mod Pack is a 3rd party pack made by FTB user "kylemcqueen75." New World Mod Pack is also referred to as "NWMP," and is more commonly used. NWMP was posted on December 12th 2012, where it was accepted by the Feed-The-Beast team for public status in the 3rd party mod pack section of the official forums. On May 23rd 2013 it was added to the FTB launcher as one of the first "user created" mod packs to gain public 3rd party status on the FTB Launcher. The Mod-Pack is 100% controlled by the author and is in no way handled by the mod-pack team, other than when the pack is updated on the launcher. All bug reports should be posted on NWMP's thread with FTB, where the author can easily handle the reports.

New World Mod Pack's Description: New World Mod Pack was created for the older Minecraft players. Players that have been playing Minecraft for a long period of time and find it hard to bring excitement to the game. New World Mod Pack hopes to solve that problem, bringing the most popular up to date mods together in a single pack. This pack also including some of the mods that most players over look, and seem to miss when searching for the newest why to bring excitement to the game of Minecraft, Mods like: Chainz, Bladecraft, Millenaire and many more. Also, never worry about having to settle for a Single player only mod-pack that adds all these features! New World Mod Pack is 100% multi-player and can be used with the latest version of MCPC+. The following list of mods represent the mods included in v6.0 of New World Mod Pack.


Non-Gameplay and/or User Interface modsEdit

Gameplay modsEdit

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