Necrotic Frame
Grid Necrotic Frame
Name Necrotic Frame
Type Frame
Stackable No
Data Value 26360
Source Mod Thaumicbees

The necrotic frame is an item added by the Thaumic Bees mod, greatly reducing the production and lifespan of the bees when placed in an apiary. Its best use is for rapid bee breeding, making the cycle between queen and princess-drone much shorter. Needs a lot of poison

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

Your vengeance-fueled research has paid off, resulting in the knowledge of the Necrotic Frame. This frame, when placed in an Apiary, will cause the bees to become sluggish, reducing their work speed, and severely unhealthy, greatly diminishing the current generation's life spawn. However, it is prudent to ensure the enchantments in the frame only affect the current generation.

Like the Magic Frame, this frame consumes aura to maintain its enchantments. This is not your best work, however, and the frame's operation will produce significantly more flux in the surrounding aura than your other frames.

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