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The Naga is a boss in the Twilight Forest. The Naga drops DIamonds which can be use to make Diamond Armor. It can be found on a Map as it will have a naga-head icon.


The Naga spawns inside its own courtyard area, and will not attack anything outside of it. However, you can damage it from outside the area which gives you an advantage. The courtyard is walled off by stone, mossy, and cracked bricks, as well as the exclusive nagastone, which is shaped in a snake-like/naga-like shape.


It is recommended to use speed from a speed potion and have a jetpack to gain height then simply run around the naga. Go to attack, fly up, and repeat. It will begin to lose parts of his body (so watch out for that!) and it will get slower so you must keep alert for any change in direction. It is wise to go under it and attack as it can't damage you. Shooting arrows at it will make it take damage only if the arrow hits its tail. It will only take melee damage if you hit its tail.

The Naga is the hardest boss in the Twilight Forest so do NOT fight it without the proper materials. Putting down water to slow and hopefully move it is a good tactic. Do not put down lava as it is immune and you will only hurt yourself.

Also, try using Power Armor, equipped with Force Field Emitterson each piece of the suit, protecting a total of 24 hearts of damage. This can also allow you to fly and run fast, in addition to insane armor ratings. It is recommended to tank it while using a Wand Of Lightning against its head, thereby hitting it from far away with lightning, doing considerable damage.

Again, it is possible to use Portal Turrets against it by placing them on top of the pillars, damaging it. It can not attack them because they are above it, and they just fire away. Also, this is cost-efficient as the turrets are extremely cheap to make.


The Naga will drop on average 6-11 Diamonds.

Its courtyard walls are made of Stone Bricks, Stone Slabs, and the Nagastone and Nagastone Head blocks. These are the most common blocks in the game to find. They can be used to create decorative stone snakes.