128px-Block Mutator
Type Structure block
Tool Any tool
Stackable Yes(64)
Data Value 965:0
Source Mod Extra bees

The Mutator is a machine that can increase the chance of creating a mutation in the genetic code of one or more bees. To work, it must be part of the Alveary structure. Having multiple mutators in one Alveary does make the effect stack. As the smallest mutation chance is currently 2%, a Nether Star will always result in a successful mutation for all bees, if one is possible.

Depending on the item provided, the Mutator has a varying increase to the success rate of a mutation. Each Mutator can hold up to one stack of a single item. The Mutator will consume one item placed in it each time a Queen dies, regardless of actually being able to create mutations or not.


Crafting GUI.png

Gold Ingot

Diamantine Electron Tube


Gold Ingot

Diamantine Electron Tube


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