Mushroom Farm
Mushroom Farm
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 942:5
Source Mod Forestry

The Mushroom Farm works similarly to an Arboretum but requires Mycelium and red or brown mushrooms to operate, and produces giant red or brown mushrooms depending on which was provided to the Mushroom Farm, as well as dirt as waste. Dirt is automatically ejected into connected BuildCraft Pipes or adjacent chests. The room that the Mushroom Farm is in must be 15x5x15 (X-Y-Z) for all mushrooms to be able to grow. The Mushroom Farm itself clears an area of 13x10x13 (X-Y-Z) with a 7x7 area in the middle that is not cleared and the Mushroom Farm in the center.

Needs to be powered by a BuildCraft compatible engine.


2. Brown Musroom

2. Red Musroom

4. Glass

1. Arboretum

Crafting GUI.png

Brown Mushroom


Red Mushroom




Red Mushroom


Brown Mushroom

Mushroom Farm


The Mushroom Farm appears to place blocks that look exactly like Mushrooms from vanilla Minecraft, but behave differently:

  • When broken, they only rarely drop Mushrooms, instead of every time.
  • They eventually grow into Huge Mushrooms if kept in darkness, whereas vanilla Mushrooms only grow huge with the application of Bonemeal, and don't require darkness if grown on Mycelium.
  • The Huge Mushrooms they grow into are smaller than vanilla ones. Huge Red Mushrooms have a 3x2x3 dome-shaped cap with one block of stalk sticking out below the cap, making the mushroom 3x3x3. Huge Brown Mushrooms have a 3x3 flat cap and are also 3 blocks tall.

As in vanilla, Huge Mushrooms turn the Mycelium block under them into dirt. Mycelium requires light to spread, and these mushrooms require darkness in order to grow huge. (This is in contrast to real mushrooms, which will colonize their substrate in darkness, but will only fruit when exposed to light.) By alternating light and darkness it may be possible to operate a Mushroom Farm without feeding it Mycelium from a Moistener, but for maximum efficiency an external source of Mycelium is required.



  • Mycelium (any side)
  • Red Mushrooms (any side)
  • Brown Mushrooms (any side)


  • Dirt (any side)

Dirt will be placed in Pipes automatically; no Wooden Transport Pipe is required.

Video TutorialsEdit

  This video demonstates how to use all forestry farms, including the mushroom farm.

How To Use All Forestry Farms Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep22:55

How To Use All Forestry Farms Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep. 19 (DuhWynning)-1373914618

Video made by DuhWynning

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