Mundane bees refers to all bees which can be found naturally in Bee Hives.

Mundane Bees
Species Origin Special Notes Requirement Produce
Grid Forest Bee Forest Forest Hive Located within Forest Biomes under tree leaves, in a white hive.


Honey Comb
Grid Meadows Bee Meadows Meadows Hive Located within Meadow Biomes with Grass. Flowers Grid Honey Comb Honey Comb
Grid Modest Bee Modest

Desert Hive

Located within the Desert Biome.

Cactus Grid Parched Comb Parched Comb
Grid Tropical Bee Tropical

Jungle Hive

Located within the Jungle Biome. Ferns Grid Silky Comb Silky Comb
Grid Wintry Bee Wintry

Snow Hive

Located within Snow Biomes. Flowers Grid Frozen Comb Frozen Comb
Grid Marshy Bee Marshy

Swamp Hive

Located within the Swamp Biome.

Mushrooms Grid Mossy Comb Mossy Comb
Grid Water Bee Water

Water Hive

Located within Water.

Lily Pads Grid Wet Comb Wet Comb
Grid Rocky Bee Rocky

Rock Hive

Located Underground. Stone Grid Rocky Comb Rocky Comb
Grid Embittered Bee Embittered

Nether Hive

Located within the Nether. Nether Wart Grid Simmering Comb Simmering Comb
Grid Marbled Bee Marbled

Marble Hive

Found in almost all corners of the world. Flowers Grid Honey Comb Honey Comb
Grid Valiant Bee Valiant

any hive

(most in Marble Hives)

Located randomly within any hive. Flowers Grid Cocoa Comb Cocoa Comb
Grid SugarSugar
Grid Ender Bee Ender

End Hive

Located within the End. Dragon Egg Grid Mysterious Comb Mysterious Comb

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