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3x3x3 XyCraft Multitank

Xycraft multitanks are a cheaper alternative to the Railcraft versions, but have a smaller storage space due to the Xycraft multitanks not "counting" external blocks like the Railcraft tanks do.

For example, you make a 3x3x3 RC tank and a 3x3x3 Xycraft tank. The RC tank counts 27 blocks, because it recognizes itself as a 3x3x3 structure. The Xycraft tank however, counts the blocks only in which the liquid will be stored, giving it a count of one.

Xycraft tanks are a better alternative to RC tanks as well, because they can be much larger, at 12x12x12, or 1000 internal, compared to Railcraft's 9x9x8 or  648 storage counts. Note: XyCraft tanks have the downside of creating server lag. If you are getting a lot of lag, you may want to try destroying your tanks temporarily and replacing them with RC tanks.

The Xycraft multitanks have a GUI that allows either the import or export of liquid with filled and empty cans, buckets, capules, etc. respectively.

Basic multitank small

Building a basic XyCraft Multitank

  To make one requires a Xycraft Valve. To make a multitank make a hollow shape that is no less than 3x3x3 and no more than 12x12x12 in size, including walls. Blocks like crystal clusters, torches, and quartz crystals will not work as they are counted as non-solid blocks, and therefore will not be detected by the valve as it tries to determine the size of the tank. Once you have hollowed out your shape, right click on the valve. If you have done this successfully, blue lines akin to a circuit will appear on the walls of the tank you have created.

 To make the smallest size of Xycraft tank requires 25 blocks ((3^3) - (1^3) - 1) plus a valve, while creating the largest size of tank requires 727 blocks ((12^3) - (10^3) - 1) and a valve . To find the number of blocks needed to make a cubic tank, do, if the tank is b*b*b in dimensions, ((b^3) - (b-2)^3 -1). To find the number of blocks needed to make a rectangular prismatic tank do, if the tank is x*y*z in dimensions, and x = length, y = width, and z = height (2(x(z)+y(z-2)+(x-2)(y-2))-1). Xycraft tanks will count as an autofiller to Xycraft Fabricators, so that if you have a Xycraft tank that has water in it, put a bucket in it, and the Fabricator that touches the tank has a recipe that will require a water bucket, it will drain from the tank if the Fabricator has a bucket in it.


  • In multiplayer multitanks have a tendancy to cause local entites to "shake", this doesn't occur for all clients. To remedy this either break the tank or move out of its general area.
  • If Tank is bigger than 12x12x12  and the valve is clicked this can crash your client. And the blocks used to create the xycraft tank will have to be removed on re-log.

Video TutorialEdit

Feed The Beast Machine Tutorials XyCraft Tank06:39

Feed The Beast Machine Tutorials XyCraft Tank


LP FTB Auscraft 5 - Bees, Trees and Multi tanks-011:18

LP FTB Auscraft 5 - Bees, Trees and Multi tanks-0

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