The Monastic Bee is a type of bee added by Extra Bees. They are uncommonly found by trading 12 Emeralds  and 1 Princess  in NPC villages. They can breed like any other bee and pollinate trees.


Pure Monastic Bees require a Normal Temperature and Normal Humidity to start working, and at least 1 fully grown Wheat plant in the working area.


As not much is known about this bee, a production section cannot be provided.


The traits below are for pure-bred Monastic Bees:

Climate / Humidity : Normal / Normal

Temp. Tol. / Humid. Tol. : Both_1 / Both_1

Lifespan : Long

Speed : Slower

Pollination : Faster

Flowers : Wheat

Fertility : 1 Drone

Area : 9x6x9

Diurnal / Nocturnal / Flyer / Cave : Yes / No / No / Yes

Effect : None

Further MutationsEdit

Further mutations not known yet.

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