Molten Ender is a liquid used in the construction of a Tesseract. It was added to the Thermal Expansion mod in version 2.2.0.


To create Molten Ender, smelt Ender Pearls in a Magma Crucible. Each pearl produces 250 mB at a cost of 2500 MJ of energy, so four pearls are required for one bucket of Molten Ender.


Fill a Tesseract Frame with one bucket of Molten Ender in a Liquid Transposer to create an Unattuned Tesseract. Molten Ender can also be stored in buckets and placed in the world where it flows like other liquids.  If you touch the liquid, you will be randomly teleported a short random distance and direction, even through walls, ceilings, or floors.  Use near lava often proves comical and disastrous.

Video TutorialsEdit

This video shows you how to use molten ender with tesseracts

How To use Tessaracts FTB Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep13:50

How To use Tessaracts FTB Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep. 6 (DuhWynning)-1373207643

Video Made By DuhWynning

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