Mobius Fuel
Name Mobius Fuel
Type Item
Stackable Yes
Data Value 27540
Source Mod Equivalent Exchange 3

Mobius Fuel is an in-game item in Equivalent Exchange 3. You will be able to make it by placing Alchemical Coal and a Philosopher's Stone in a Crafting Table as shown in the article Alchemical Coal. You can't make it yet because the Minium Stone and the Philosopher's Stone are WIPs (Work in Progresses)


Mobius Fuel can be made into Aeternalis Fuel. It will be made when able to when the WIP stones are completed also with the pattern on the article Alchemical Coal. You could also put it in a Crafting Table with a Philosopher's Stone to make four Alchemical Coal.

Another use would be, you could use it in a furnace for an even longer fuel.

Also, you could make these into blocks with the regular Minecraft recipe.

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