Name Mixer
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Factorization


A Mixer is a machine from the Factorization mod, primarily used to mix Dirty Ore Gravels with water to produce Clean Ore Chunks, which slightly increases your yield of metals.


Crafting GUI.png

Water Bucket

Lead Ingot




Water Bucket

Lead Ingot



The Mixer has 4 input slots and 4 output slots. The following recipes can be run in a mixer:

  • Dirty Copper Gravel + Water Bucket >> Clean Copper Chunks + Empty Bucket + Sludge
  • Dirty Galena Gravel + Water Bucket >> Clean Galena Chunks + Empty Bucket + Sludge
  • Dirty Gold Gravel + Water Bucket >> Clean Gold Chunks + Empty Bucket + Sludge
  • Dirty Iron Gravel + Water Bucket >> Clean Iron Chunks + Empty Bucket + Sludge
  • Dirty Tin Gravel + Water Bucket >> Clean Tin Chunks + Empty Bucket + Sludge

And that Sludge can be turned into clay balls by processing them in a furnace. Pipes or pneumatic tubes place items in the top slot only, with the sides and bottom slots for output. If using an Item Router, Clean Chunks will be in slot 4, empty buckets in slot 5, and sludge in slot 6.


A simple way to automate the tedious process of refilling the mixer with buckets all the time is to use a vanilla dispenser pointed at a 1x3 infinite water source, and buildcraft pipes.  Put an autarchic gate on the cobble/stone pipe that is loading buckets into the dispenser, and set that gate to output a redstone signal when there is nothing going through the pipe.  The bucket will get refilled as soon as it is in the dispenser, and can be pumped out and into the top of the mixer immediately.


File:Block Spotlight - Mixer

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