Mining Well
Name Mining Well
Type Machine
Max Energy 25 MJ/operation
Transparency No
Luminance No
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value dec:512
Source Mod BuildCraft 3

The Mining Well digs a hole straight down. It stops once it encounters Lava or Bedrock. Mined blocks are replaced by Mining Pipe and put in (in order of precedence) an adjacent inventory, BuildCraft Pipes, or thrown in the air. Removing the Mining Well will delete all Mining Pipes directly below it. It uses 25 MJ per operation and, given sufficient power, has a maximum mining speed of one block per tick.


6. Iron Ingot

1. Redstone Dust

1. Iron Gear

1. Iron Pickaxe

Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot


Iron Gear

Iron Pickaxe

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Mining Well


The Mining Well is used in the crafting of a Pump.

1. Tank

1. Mining Well

Crafting GUI.png


Mining Well

Pump (Buildcraft)

The Mining Well cannot be moved with vanilla Pistons.

When moved with RedPower Frames, the Mining Pipes are not removed. Remove the Mining Well with a Block Breaker, Turtle, or other method to remove all the Mining Pipes.


The Redstone Energy Cell, outputting at 100%, can be used with the Mining Well to mine at a rate of 10 blocks per second.

A common way to automate a transfer of Mining Wells, is to use Red Power Frames, to transfer the Mining Wells over the required distance.

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Video Tutorial Edit

Technic Tutorials 1304:13

Technic Tutorials 13. Mining Well

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