Methane Cell
Grid Methane Cell
Name Methane Cell
Type Cell
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 21258:9
Source Mod GregTech

Methane cells are a type of cell mainly used for producing energy. In FTB beta, they produce 1.5 times the EU of a Hydrogen Cell. In modpacks that use a newer version of GregTech they produce 3 times as much EU as a Hydrogen Cell (45,000 EU).


Methane cells is one of the products that can be obtained by processing food in an Industrial Centrifuge. Industrial centrifuge accepts things like chicken, beef, fish, apples etc.. Rubber Wood gives more methane cells. This is also a decent use for rotten flesh, as it will produce methane, technically being a 'food'.

Another way to get methane cells is to combine Hydrogen Cells with Carbon Cells.


Methane cells can be used in Gas Turbine to produce energy. This generates much more EU per cell than Hydrogen Cell.


Crafting GUI.png

Carbon Cell

Hydrogen Cell

Hydrogen Cell

Hydrogen Cell

Hydrogen Cell

Video TutorialEdit

This video will show how to use a methane cell to power a gas turbine.

FTB Feed The Beast Tutorial - Gas Turbine, How To Make, Use, And Automate12:59

FTB Feed The Beast Tutorial - Gas Turbine, How To Make, Use, And Automate

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