Metabolic Frame
Grid Metabolic Frame
Name Metabolic Frame
Type Frame
Stackable No
Data Value 26359
Source Mod Thaumicbees

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

The Metabolic Frame enhances the rate at which bees metabolize food, resulting in a higher work speed. However, this makes their genetic structure somewhat unstable and prone to mutations. While this can be frustrating for some apairists, other, more prepared beekeepers have been known to use the Metabolic Frames in their apiaries to encourage mutations in bee species.

Like the Magic Frame, this frame consumes aura to maintain its enchantments, and has the negative side-effect of producing some flux in the surrounding aura now and again as the enchanted bees go about their work. The Metabolic Frame consumes significantly more aura, as its enchantments are much more complex, and is not quite as durable as the magic frame is known to be.

The required research elements are:

Bestiola,  Praecantatio, Victus, Motus, Permutatio, Instrumentum and Corpus

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