128px-Block Melee Turtle

(This is what the Melee Turtle looks like in-game)

Melee Turtle
Name Melee Turtle
Type Mobile computer
Stackable Yes (64)
Damage dealt HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart
Source Mod ComputerCraft
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The Melee Turtle is a ComputerCraft Turtle which specializes in fighting. Its attack is the strongest of all Turtles at 10 hit points (5 hearts) of damage per attack. The Turtle will automatically collect its victim's drops upon killing them and will even cause mobs to drop their XP. Turtles on their own, however are incapable of collecting XP orbs. As the melee turtle will kill mobs, it will cause them to drop rare drops, including Wither Skeleton Skulls. When used in conjunction with the Brain in a Jar from Thaumcraft 3, players are able to create fully automated XP farms. This Turtle, like all Turtles, can be controlled wirelessly when upgraded to a Wireless Melee Turtle, and can use Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, or Green Sapphire tools, but Diamond tools are the most effective.

In order to make the Turtle attack,  the command turtle.attack() should be used . This will attack the object in front of it. This is not a program. The player must insert this line of code into a program. One can make a program by typing edit ProgramName (placeholder for custom program name).

while true do

This program functions as a looping melee attack:

  • "while true do" Loops the whole program indefinitely.
  • "turtle.attack()" Make the turtle attack whatever is in front of it.
  • "os.sleep(0.25)" Make the turtle pause for 0.25 seconds.
  • "end" Marks the end of the loop.



Crafty MeleeEdit

Wireless Melee TurtleEdit

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