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The Maze Map is a special kind of Twilight Forest map that is helpful in allowing the player to navigate a Labyrinth. The Maze Map is height-specific and aligns to the X, Y and Z coordinates at which it was focused. Note that it only becomes focused when a Blank Maze Map is held in hand and right-clicked. Thus, it is advisable to craft one or more Maze Maps prior to entering a Labyrinth and then focus the Maze Map upon entering the first floor of the Labyrinth. The Maze Map will only map blocks at the appropriate height coordinate, and will only map certain blocks such as Mazestone, Dirt, Stone, and blocks that occur naturally in the Maze such as Chests, Mycelium and Mushroom blocks. The entrance to the second level is a hole with iron bars identical to the entrance of the labyrinth itself.

2013-06-11 02.15.30

A fully explored Labyrinth level on the map

In older versions of the Twilight Forest mod, the Maze Map can be cleared by combining it with a piece of paper in a crafting grid. This action is shapeless and non-reversable and will result in a Maze Map that can be refocused. If maps of both levels of the Labyrinth are not necessary, a player could clear the maze map upon entering the second floor and use the same map to navigate both floors, merely setting waypoints at entrances and exits to floors and to the Labyrinth. However, in newer versions (such as those used by the Mindcrack Pack) the Maze Map and its upgraded version the Maze/Ore Map cannot be cleared.

The Maze Map can also be combined with a Diamond, Gold and Iron block to create a Maze/Ore Map, which maps ores in vibrant colors such as bright red so that mining is easier for the player. However, the Maze/Ore Map cannot be zoomed out or cleared, which means that both the Maze Map and the Maze/Ore Map can only map a 128x128 area at a given Y coordinate. This is appropriate for the Maze Map, as the Labyrinth is less than 128x128 in size, but with the Maze/Ore Map which costs a Diamond, Iron and Gold block to create, it is nearly impossible to recoup one's investment and thus is inadvisable to create one.   


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