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Marshy Bee is a type of bee found naturally in Swamp hives. It is not possible to get it through a mutation.

When breaking a Swamp hive with a Scoop, it has a chance of dropping either a Marshy Drone, a Marshy Princess, or both. Like in any other hive, there is a slight chance for the Princess or Drone to be replaced by a Valiant Bee

General informationEdit

  • Latin name : Paludapis adorasti
  • Discovered by : Sengir
  • Added by : Forestry
  • Branch : Boggy
  • Product : Mossy Comb

Default AttributesEdit

  • Speed : Slowest
  • Lifespan: Shorter
  • Fertility : 2 drones
  • Pollination: Slower
  • Territory : 9x6x9
  • Flowers : Mushroom
  • Effect : None
  • Temperature / Tolerance : Normal / Both_1
  • Humidity / Tolerance : Damp / Both_1
  • Cave Dwelling : No
  • Nocturnal : No
  • Rain tolerant : No


  • Mutates to:
  1. Marshy Bee + Bee from other hives = Common Bee
  2. Marshy Bee + Common Bee = Cultivated Bee
  3. Marshy Bee + Primeval Bee = Resinous Bee
  4. Marshy Bee + Common Bee = Swamp Bee
  5. Marshy Bee + Swamp Bee = Boggy Bee
  6. Marshy Bee + Valiant Bee = Sepia Bee

Special NotesEdit

Nothing special known about the breeding of this bee.

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