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Name Mailbox
Type Block
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 939:5
Source Mod Forestry

Mailbox is a Forestry item which is used by players on SMP servers to exchange letters and parcels.

From a mailbox you can also send letters to Trade Stations, trading items for other items.


To send mail using the Mailbox crafting a Letter is needed together with some Stamps. Right clicking with the Letter brings up the Letter GUI. The Letter GUI has areas for typing the receiver and the content of the Letter. It is also possible to add items to the Letter. For a simple Letter with no items in it a 1n Stamp is required. Every item in the Letter will need an extra 1n worth of Stamps.

To send the Letter the player needs to right click his own Mailbox with the Letter in his hand.

Other PlayersEdit

To mail other players they will need a Mailbox, otherwise it is not possible to send them mail. The Letter will need the name of the receiving player to go into the receiver field.

Trade StationsEdit

The Letter GUI has a button for switching between Trade Station receivers and players. The exact name of the Trade Station must be known in order to make the trade.


Crafting GUI.png

Tin Ingot


Tin Ingot

Sturdy Casing


Tin Ingot



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