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Magmatic Engine
Grid Magmatic Engine
Name Magmatic Engine
Max Energy 4.0 MJ/t
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Thermal Expansion
The Magmatic Engine is an engine added from thermal expansion.

It consumes lava to produce Minecraft Joules (Buildcraft Energy)

Power Minimum / Maximum: 0.4 MJ/T / 4.0 MJ/T

When the engine is producing 4 MJ/t, one lava cell or bucket will produce 18,000 MJ, a Thermal Generator  will make 30,000 EU per bucket.

8 engines are needed to provide the necessary power to run one Magma Crucible at full speed (Fewer will work, but slower).

Instead, you can pump lava directly from the Nether or a lava ocean age for massive amounts of free energy. Simply hookup a buildcraft Pump to an Ender Tank and place a chunk loader (optional) to keep it running. In your main base/ generator room, place another ender tank with the same color configuration and pump lava out from there.

The engine can easily overheat. If the engine overheats, it will shut down and you will need to sneak-right click it with a Crescent Hammer or OmniWrench to restart.

To avoid overheating, use Redstone Energy Conduits versus Wooden Conductive Pipes and Golden Conductive Pipes.


Invar Ingot

Invar Gear

Invar Ingot

Redstone Transmission Coil


Invar Ingot

Invar Gear

Magmatic Engine

Video TutorialsEdit

You can also use the magmatic engine with the magma crucible to create unlimited power. In this video I show you how to do so.

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