Allows the creation of Arcane Stone Blocks and Wood Blocks, which are used for the creation of many magical constructs, including the Infusion Altar.

Tier 1
Required Research: Thaumium

Aspects Required (Warning Spoilers)

Aspect Metallum Metallum
Aspect Praecantatio Praecantatio
Aspect Fabrico Fabrico
Aspect Saxum Saxum
Aspect Lignum Lignum

Thaumonomicon Entry

You have found a way to merge the strength of stone with the resiliency of Thaumium. The result is a block quite resistant to daily wear and tear. More importantly, these arcane stone blocks are perfectly suited for the creation of magical constructs and structures (including Beacon bases).

The lattice of Thaumium that forms the core of this block allows it to be easily transformed into a myriad of configurations.

You have also discovered a technique of engraving and enchanting wood allowing it to be used for similar purposes.

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