Magic Tallow
Magic Tallow
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Thaumcraft 3


Magic Tallow is a magical substance used to create Tallow Golems. Magic Tallow needs to be researched and discovered before being crafted. It contains 4 of the Corpus ( Body, Flesh, Physique) aspect and 1 of the Ignis(Fire,Heat,Burn) aspect.

It requires 4 of the Corpus ( Body, Flesh, Physique) aspect in a crucible to craft, yeilding one (1) Magic Tallow. In addition, it requires 5 vis from the wand used on the crucible.

However, do keep in mind that if you throw in Rotten Flesh, Bones, or Brains into the Crucible while making Magic Tallow, you risk causing a Giant Angry Zombie to appear due to an overflow of Mortuus (Death, Decay, Undead), which can kill you in 3 hits while wearing Iron Armor.

This item contains 1 Permutatio: one of the most useful aspects.  However, keep in mind:  the maximum amount of Rotten Flesh (Or any other meat, such as venison, pig, chicken) A fully charged Apprentice Wand can transmute to Tallow, is 10.  The maximum for Adept, is 50.  Attempting to transmute over a stack of meat with a Wand Of Thaumaturge is ill advised, as the Cauldron will overflow.  Be warned: excess mortuus, bestola, and/or ignus can, and will spill into the flux!


Magic Tallow has many uses, including an alternate torch called a Tallow Candle. Tallow Candles can be dyed into various different colors, other than that they are no different than a normal torch, however they can only be placed on flat surfaces. The tallow also has the ability to store further magical properties allowing you to animate it into a golem.

Hidden Research
Tier 1
Required Research: None

Aspects Required (Warning Spoilers)

Aspect Corpus Corpus
Aspect Ignis Ignis

Thaumonomicon Entry

You have learned the secret of rendering flesh in the crucible to produce an enchanted tallow that can be used in the creation of magical candles.

You are sure more uses will present themselves as your magical knowledge advances.

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