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Magic Energy Absorber
File:Block Magic Energy Absorber.png
Type EU Generator
Tool Grid Wrench (Industrialcraft)
Renewable No
Stackable Yes
Source Mod GregTech

Magic Energy Absorber is a device that allows to convert the enchantments of various tools into EU. This also works with enchantments added to Feed the Beast mod. It also extracts energy from nearby Ender Crystals.

When Thaumcraft 3 is enabled, it can also be used to convert Vis from Aura Nodes   into EU, providing 12800 EU per vis. The Absorber will output energy at 128EU/tick. Care must be taken as wrong handling can cause the energy absorber to blow up.

It is important to note that the amount of Vis in the world is finite. Aura nodes do not regenerate, they simply leech Vis from nearby larger nodes, and eventually from Infused Ore once they are completely empty. If this device converts enough vis, it is possible to completely deplete the vis in an area, rendering most Thaumcraft 3 recipies impossible.  The only way to add new Vis into the world is through Crystal Clusters, although this is extremely slow (approximately 1 vis per 5 minutes).  One can also explore more of the map to find new aura nodes which once discovered might gradually leech their vis into your node, although this is not guaranteed.


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