MFFS Modular Projector
Powered Projector
Name MFFS Modular Projector
Type Block
Physics No
Transparency None
Luminance None
Blast Resistance Non-Resistant
Tool wooden Pickaxe (19 Seconds)
Stackable Yes, 64
Resistances Mining Laser, Fire/Lava
Source Mod MFFS

MFFS Modular Projectors emit the actual forcefield, they require power from MFFS Capacitor to run and will shut down when no power (FE ) is given.

  • There is currently a bug where the Forcefield may rarely remain active even after it has run out of power.

The GUIEdit

GUI - Cut, Labeled

Labeled GUI of the Projector.

1. Type modifier *Required*

This slot is where a "Type Mod" goes. The different Type Mods determine the shape of the forcefield and the way the dimensions are calculated.

2. Link Card *Required*

The Link Card slot is where the Link Cards are placed, They connect the Capacitors to the Forcefield.

3. Current power (Bar)

This bar shows the current amount of power held inside the Projector.

4. "Lock" (Button)

This button determines who can use MFFS Multi-tools to enter the forcefield, The default option is Locked, The next is Open and the final is Owner.

5. Distance Upgrade *Recommended*

This slot is the location of the distance upgrades, without any of these the Forcefield will be extremely small (about 2-3 blocks from each side of the projector). They can stack up to 64.

6. Strength Upgrade

This slot is where strength upgrades can be placed, each one increases the fields thickness by one block. It is recommended to have 2-4 block thickness to stop possible ways for others to enter the field.

7. Camouflage Block

When the Camouflage upgrade is applied (see 9) this will become available. Blocks placed in this slot will replace the ForceField blocks, if no blocks are placed here the Forcefield will be invisible. This slot accepts most vanilla blocks (Including liquid buckets) but has trouble using Mod Blocks and will spit them out.

8. Activation Conditions (Button)

This button toggles between two states; Redstone and Multi-tool . The Redstone condition will (de)activate the Forcefield based on a redstone signal, as usual, a redstone signal turns it on and none shuts it back off. The Multi-tool condition will require the Multi-tool to toggle the activation of the Forcefield..

9. Optional Upgrades

This slot is where optional upgrades such as: "Camo" or "Sponge" will be placed. Some of these will unlock other slots.

10. Security Link

This slot allows you to link the Forcefield to a Defense Station Via a "MFFS Card - Blank".

11. Placement

In the "Type Mods" (See 1) slot, there are two mods that will open up these slots (Adv.Cube, Wall )


Crafting GUI.png

Advanced Alloy

MFFS Projector Focus Matrix

Advanced Alloy

MFFS Projector Focus Matrix

Advanced Machine Block

Frequency Transmitter

Advanced Alloy

MFFS Projector Focus Matrix

Advanced Alloy

MFFS Modular Projector

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