MFFS MultiTool
Grid MFFS MultiTool
Type Tool
Stackable No
Source Mod MFFS

The MFFS MultiTool is a multifunctional tool used in the MFFS (Modular Forcefield System) mod.


Crafting GUI.png


Carbon Plate

Carbon Plate

Wrench (IndustrialCraft)

MFFS Force Energy Crystal

Advanced Circuit


Carbon Plate

Carbon Plate

MFFS MultiTool


MultiTool can change mode by shift and right-clicking (you have to right click in the air, not on a block) and every mode has different function. The MultiTool needs to be charged with Force energy (FE) in MFFS Capacitor.

  • MFFS MultiTool Wrench - In wrench mode, MultiTool can rotate or dismantle MFFS or IC2 machines.
  • MFFS MultiTool Switch - In switch mode, MultiTool can switch MFFS machines on or off. The machines must be first set to be controlled by MultiTool (usually in the top right corner of the GUI).
  • MFFS MultiTool Field Teleporter - In Field Teleporter mode, player can teleport through ForceFields, provided they have access.
  • MFFS MultiTool ID-Card Coder - In ID-Card Coder mode, MultiTool can change blank cards into Personal ID cards to be used in an MFFS Security Station
  • MFFS MultiTool Guide - In Guide mode, right-clicking MultiTool will open small guide describing some aspects of the mod.


Theres also a Debugger mode for MultiTool, however it can't be switched to other modes and is only available through creative mode.

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